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I am happy to see that you found my page. I am originally from Germany and so I have a close connection to the European cuisine. I live in Fremantle, Western Australia, with my partner and his children and we all live on a plant-based diet. I know how picky children can be when it comes to food. Hence, I set up this website with recipes that are simple, tasty, varied and kids-friendly.

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Organic products are ecologically, health-wise and of course also ethically advantageous.

The cultivation of organic food protects the groundwater because it contains far less nitrate than synthetic fertilizers from conventional agriculture. In addition, in organic agriculture, soil fertility is permanently secured through crop rotation. In addition, hardly any pesticides are used that can poison small organisms, such as bees.

Organic agriculture means climate protection, because the use of nitrogen fertilizers is greatly reduced and the organic fertilizer (humus) binds the greenhouse gas CO2 in the soil. In addition, organic foods are often less industrially processed, contain fewer energy-intensive additives, ideally come from regional cultivation and therefore have a lower CO2 footprint than conventional foods.

Studies have also shown that organic foods contain more phytochemicals, more flavors and less water and are therefore generally healthier and higher quality foods.

Finally, genetic engineering is fundamentally prohibited in all areas of organic food production.

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After I had become a Vegetarian at the age of 15, I was still addicted to milk and cheese for a long time. In the meantime, however, I have realised what a cruel industry is behind it. Dairy cows are slaughtered as soon as their "milk performance" drops (usually after a few years). In addition, the cows are artificially impregnated so that they can give milk. In almost all cases their male offspring die very early ("veal meat"), while the female offspring often become dairy cows themselves (with the same fate as their mother).

I also avoid eggs, because 50% of the chicks are male when breeding laying hens, which are sorted out immediately after hatching and thrown alive into a shredder or gassed.

In addition to the question of killing, the fact that the animals suffer a great deal during keeping, transport and slaughter also plays an important role in my considerations. This even applies to organic animal products, because their animal welfare standards are mostly at odds with the good reputation that these products (still?) have.

The vegan diet makes an important contribution to solving environmental problems - be it the consequences of overfertilization or the emission of greenhouse gases. And finally there are health aspects: The vegan diet can help prevent many common diseases and even cure them. It is also a contribution to counteracting the problems of antibiotic abuse in animal husbandry and the development of resistance.

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With every diet - whether vegetarian, vegan or mixed - it is important to plan well in terms of health in order to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Anyone who eats a balanced and varied vegan diet and does not lose sight of the critical nutrients ensures an optimal supply.

Some of these nutrients are iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamins B12, B2, D and the omega-3 fatty acids. precisely because we have children in the house, it is all the more important to us to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients with our meals.

and if you are willing to do some research on healthy eating and nutrients, you will find that it is easier than you think. A balanced, varied plant-based diet naturally provides all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities. The only vitamin that vegans should actually supplement is vitamin B12. Contrary to popular belief, this is a plant-based nutrient that used to be present in sufficient quantities in our soil and in our vegetables and fruits, which is no longer the case today due to our intensive agriculture. We have had our blood tested regularly for years and there are no defects whatsoever.